High blood pressure, diabetes, smoking, elevated blood lipids, a genetic predisposition or stress can increase the probability of developing coronary artery disease. We help you identify your personal risk factors to lay the foundations for a healthy future without heart disease.

Risk Score
Together we determine what your risk factors are and then estimate individual levels of risk of having a heart attack based on your risk score. Then we define the necessary measures for laying the foundation for a healthier future.

Our physicians regularly hold presentations on the functions of the heart and blood vessels, the risk factors for coronary artery disease, examination and treatment methods, and lastly the side effects of heart medication.

Dietary Consultation
We explain everything you need to know about a healthy diet.You can attend various events, such as a Mediterranean cooking course.

Smoking Consultation
We can help you quit smoking with individual consultation and stress
management techniques.

Exercise Programs
Regular exercise is essential for keeping your heart healthy. Our specially trained physiotherapists can put together an individualized exercise program. The program includes stationary bicycle endurance training, gymnastic sports, water-based sports, as well as outdoor activities like Nordic walking, golf, and hiking.

Healthy Heart Yoga
We are Switzerland’s only clinic to offer healthy heart yoga as a relaxation training program specially designed for heart patients. These special exercises aim to expand the ribcage and the area around the heart to make it easier to breathe deeply. These breathing techniques can help relax your vegetative nervous system and put your mind at ease. For further information can be found here.

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