It is important to keep coronary artery disease from progressing after treatment is completed. This is why we recommend that you have cardiac rehabilitation. The goal is to help you lay the foundation for a healthy future.

Setting Individual Goals
We start by doing a physiological assessment and helping you to set your training goals. A cardiologic evaluation is then done to determine your initial status.

Outpatient Rehabilitation Program
Our standard rehabilitation program runs for 12 weeks with three appointments per week. These appointments include medical talks, dietary consultation with a group cooking course, and – depending on your needs – counselling to help you quit smoking as well as stress management and psychological support.

Special condensed rehabilitation programs can be also tailored for individual needs.

Exercise and Relaxation
Regular physical exercise and relaxation are crucial for the long-term health of your heart. Our exercise courses are headed by specially trained physiotherapists. The courses include:

  • Stationary Bike Endurance Training
  • Gymnastic Sports
  • Water Sports
  • Nordic Walking
  • Hiking
  • Others

For relaxation we offer a yoga course specially modified to meet the need of heart disease patients. This course was developed by the yoga master B.K.S. Iyengar and is given by our senior yoga instructor.

All of the positions are designed to expand the ribcage and the area surrounding the heart to enable deep breathing. This breathing techniques (pranayama) help to relax the vegetative nervous system and calm the mind.

Further information can be found here.

Discharge Examination
A final medical examination completes the rehabilitation program. We review your success with you and help set further goals for your future.

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