Comprehensive patient care in a relaxed environment

We focus on providing you with the quickest and most comfortable way to return to normal daily life. Our minimally invasive techniques help make the procedure easier for your body so you are able to return home just a few hours after intervention. Innovative prevention and rehabilitation programs round out our holistic approach to patient care.


High blood pressure, diabetes, smoking, elevated blood lipids, a genetic predisposition or stress can increase the probability of developing coronary artery disease. We help you identify your personal risk factors to lay the foundations for a healthy future without heart disease. Read More


If you think you have heart disease, tell your attending specialist. He can run the necessary tests. Then together with your specialist we can discuss your diagnosis and explain the next steps to you. We will determine what tests you need during your initial consultation. We will then discuss the results with you in detail and plan the next steps. Depending on the findings we may start treatment right afterward. Read More


Our treatment methods are based on minimally invasive techniques, making them easier on your body than conventional cardiac surgery. They are typically performed using a local anesthetic. Your recovery time will be much faster and you will be able to leave the clinic the same day. Read More


It is important to keep coronary artery disease from progressing after treatment is completed. This is why we recommend that you have cardiac rehabilitation. The goal is to help you lay the foundation for a healthy future. Read more

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